Gianmarco Raimondo: Formula 3 EuroSeries Pilot


Gianmarco Raimondo and the Maserati team were left frustrated after a difficult debut in the Pirelli World Challenge at Road America this weekend. It was the debut of driver Gianmarco in the series and Maserati in the GTS category of the Pirelli World Challenge. Gianmarco highlighted his weekend:

'The weekend was testing for both myself and the team. As we weren't running for points the series organisers put us at the back of the grid despite qualifying in the top 3, so we wouldn't get in the way of people in the points race. Penalties like this were handed to us before each session, with two engine restrictions and then finally 50kg weight penalty and a higher ride height handed to us before the race. I think the most frustrating part is that I had a mechanical failure in each race which is why my results did not show as we had hoped.'

'For race 1, I was turned into making a pass on the inside for 14th place, causing me to go in the pits to check out the car. However once the team realized there was no damage, I continued to run and set 8th fastest lap on my own with no draft. Then the gearbox forced neutral 4 laps to go causing me to stop.'

'Race 2 saw more gearbox problems, this time from the warm up lap onwards. On the grid before the race I had to reset the car to try and reboot the gearbox to fix the issues. After everything was reset, it would not go into 1st gear immediately so my start was compromised. After eventually starting (with a temporarily fixed gearbox) the pack were already in the distance but I stormed my way to 14th in 6 laps. My mission through the field had to come to an early end however due to my drive train snapping on the fastest corner of the track.'

'All in all it was great to run with Maserati and it opened opportunities in the sport. I am very happy with my performance, be it in qualifying or in the race. I did the best I could all weekend and it showed in qualifying and race performance.'

'It was a pleasure to race with Maserati and work with a professional Italian team again. It felt like home away from home.'


Gianmarco Raimondo will make his debut in the Pirelli World Challenge at Road America this weekend 'Im very happy to have this opportunity to race the Maserati in the GTS Class and I would like to thank the team for the opportunity to race the Maserati in its race debut at Road America this weekend. My focus is to learn as much as I can from the engineers, help the team develop the new car and achieve the best race result possible.' Gianmarco added 'It will be exciting to see the Maserati mix it up with all of the strong cars in GTS.' .

The 24-year-old Canadian was the Vice-Champion in the European Formula 3 Open Series and has been busy putting together all the elements needed to compete and is extremely happy to accept this new and different challenge for him.

Gianmarco understands the challenges he faces this weekend at Road America as he will have to familiarise with an all-new category and a very demanding circuit but knows his experience will be invaluable for the race weekend.

PIRELLI WORLD CHALLENGE SERIES FACTS: The Pirelli World Challenge is a North American auto racing series that is managed by WC Vision and sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). The World Challenge series was born in 1990, and celebrated its 25th anniversary season in 2014. The series consists of seven driver classifications and six classes of vehicles: Grand Touring (GT), GT Cup (new for 2015 - for Porsche 991 Cup cars), GTS, Touring Car (TC), "Touring Car B-spec" (TCB) since 2012, and "Touring Car A" (TCA), new in 2014. In 2014, a new GTA driver classification was established for professional drivers that do not make their living primarily from racing. The series typically races alongside the IndyCar Series on race event weekends.

Race Length: There is a 50-minute maximum time limit for every race, with the number of laps and total distance being determined by track configuration, lap times and race conditions.

PIRELLI WORLD CHALENGE ROAD AMERICA FACTS: DATE: Friday, June 26 - Sunday, June 28 LOCATION: Elkhart Lake, WI ROUND: GT/GTA: Rounds 11, 12 & 13; GT Cup: Rounds 10 & 11; GTS: Rounds 9 & 10; TV BROADCAST INFO: On CBS Sports Network Sunday, July 5, 2 PM: GT/GTA, GT Cup presented by MOMO. Wednesday, July 8, 7 PM: TC, TCA, TCB. Wednesday, July 8, 9 PM: GTS. All times listed Eastern. Times and dates subject to change. DESCRIPTION: The Pirelli World Challenge heads back to Wisconsin June 26-28, as the series returns to Elkhart Lake's legendary four-mile, 14-turn Road America .


Raimondo continues GP2 journey

Following on from a successful GP2 debut in Singapore Gianmarco Raimondo returned with the Trident team to compete in the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi GP2 event presented a different challenge to Gianmarco but the continuity of a second race left Gianmarco more prepared, 'It was a great weekend. It was a perfect improvement from the performance in Singapore....starting from practice we saw that the performance was already at a higher level and that we could work a lot more efficiently with my driving as I had a better understanding of the basics of the car. The track itself is relatively easy as it isn't difficult to put all 3 sectors together. The lap is longer and hotter than Singapore so basically you need to save the tires soon at the end of your qualifying push lap!” .

Being that this is the first "proper" race track with normal to high grip I've driven, there was so much more speed in the car than I could imagine. Definitely not comparable to Singapore as that track was always dirty and never has any rubber laid on it. So basically from my practice time to qualifying , we gained 3 seconds a lap. So to get everything out of the car was hard work. Despite starting from pit lane, we still made up good positions during the first race! We were able to keep it clean and get somewhat of a decent pace with also the possibly to challenge the champion for position during the race! We were however fortunate that we had 2 safety cars to bunch the grid up all again, but we still needed the grip in the tires to pass the 3 other cars we did in the final 5 laps. So a good step was made after race 1. Physically I was much better in the car, despite that it was nearly 40 degrees, I still felt much better than Singapore. I spent the whole month in between races training like crazy to really prevent the scene from Marina Bay...and we did just that.

Race 2 was definitely the best race for me so far. Finishing in the top 15 was a great achievement for us as we were able to finally find the pace to challenge and most importantly (keep challenging later on in the race) for valuable position! Getting your head around the tire is the most important aspect of this championship because it is the limiting factor for results in the end. We were able to do that this race and were only 2 positions behind my experienced teammate.

All in all we are very happy about how the weekend went here at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi. It has proven that I have the capability to drive and race GP2 and to constantly learn and improve, which isn't always easy. Now we are working to grab a seat in the prestigious championship and hopefully continue the success shown this weekend.'


Raimondo completes successful GP2 debut

Gianmarco Raimondo chose one of the hardest race events of the GP2 calendar to debut. After not being in a GP2 car for over a year, and jumping in the slot with Trident the last minute, his race debut on the GP2 Series was a success also becoming the first Canadian to compete in the Series. "Jumping back in the car, despite the time I spent still this year, my rhythm with things came a long quite easily and automatically. I was really looking forward to my debut and to just get out there and do what I love doing. I have been training non-stop in preparation all year in case an opportunity like this arose but nothing prepares you better than actual seat time." Qualifying was a bit of a shame as I crashed out only completing 7 laps (6 of which were under yellow). I made an easy mistake resulting from radio/flag confusion. I believe the potential was there to get another two seconds out of the lap time. Nonetheless I still learned a lot about the characteristics of the super-soft compound tire.

The main challenge of the weekend really was the immense heat and humidity of Singapore. In Race 1 for example, we were running with a track temp of almost 60C, humidity at 70 percent, and an ambient temperature of 35C. Being in a car that was new to me and at a higher level to what I was use to, race 1 was very challenging. Despite the fact that I physically train all the time, the heat still got to me and really was the most difficult part of the race. I needed to go to the medical centre after the race as my blood pressure was dangerously low and my temperature was incredibly high.

"I've never pushed myself through so much discomfort in my life. I didn't even think of the consequences that could come from such a bad case of heat stroke, near the end I couldn't feel my feet or fingers my pressure was so low. It was a real mental challenge and even though I only finished 21st, the fact that I was able to complete the race with decent pace was enough satisfaction for me, especially as this was my first race in this type of car."

Race two was much better physically and also in our race pace. Our strategy was to not change the tires the entire race and to pass people who did pit as it was the shorter sprint race. I was able to get up to 15th pretty quickly and stay there up to the half way mark, but my lack of experience with the tire degradation took it's toll the next half of the race. A combination of slight over-steer moments and a lack of brake balance adjustments were the motives to my downfall during the race. "The Pirelli tires are so sensitive that it is very difficult to make them last during an entire race. The art of it is really driving slow enough to make them last, but fast enough to not get passed. Being a rookie this is almost impossible to do your first race weekend. I did take in a lot of information during the race such as race craft and car limits, so the weekend still ended off on a very high note. I'm extremely happy and grateful to have received the opportunity to drive with Trident in the GP2 Series at the famous Singapore event. This is just the beginning to some really good times to come."

Gianmarco and his team are continuously working to put the final elements together in preparation for a 2014 race program and will announce all future plans when they become finalised.


Raimondo to be the first Canadian to race in GP2

"I'm very happy to have this opportunity to race in Singapore with Trident Racing and I would like to thank the team for this opportunity. Hopefully this is only the beginning of my journey. I've been waiting and preparing for a very long time for this opportunity. My focus is to learn as much as I can from the engineers and the team so I can have the best race result possible. I'm blessed to be known as the first Canadian to race GP2 and I promise I won't let Canada down this weekend." .

The 22-year-old Canadian was the Vice-Champion in last years European Formula 3 Open Series and has been busy putting together all the elements for the 2014 season and is extremely happy to accept this new challenge together with Trident Racing in GP2. Gianmarco understands the challenges he faces this weekend in Singapore as he will have to familiarise with an all-new category and a very demanding circuit but knows the experience will be invaluable for the 2014 season. The GP2 Series is the final step on the motorsport ladder below Formula 1 and competes this weekend on the same bill as the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore. The GP2 race weekend will start with the running of Free Practice at 16.45 on Friday while Qualifying will be held at 20.00. Race 1 will go underway on Saturday at 16.05, followed by Race 2 at 16.10 on Sunday (all times are local Singapore time). The event will benefit from a widespread live TV coverage. Coverge can be found on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September on TSN or TSN2 or Speed channel 417.

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Raimondo gains seat time in both GP2 and World Series 3.5 by Renault cars

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - Recently completing his 2012 racing season earning the European F3 Open Vice-Championship title, Canadian formula car racer Gianmarco Raimondo is now focused on his plans for 2013. Completing a test in a GP2 car with Racing Engineering in Barcelona just days before his F3 Open season finale, Raimondo was back on track testing a World Series 3.5 by Renault machine with International Draco Racing in Alcañiz as he makes his bid to secure a seat in either series for 2013.

"I had a great experience testing both the GP2 car in Barcelona and then WSR in Alcañiz," explained Raimondo. "I now have a first hand opinion on how the two cars compare to each other, seeing that they are quite similar, however on the same hand quite different."

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Focus now turns to his 2013 racing season

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - Entering the final race of the 2012 European F3 Open Championship leading the points over his RP Motorsport teammate, Canadian formula car racer Gianmarco Raimondo would endure a challenging weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona, Spain. Facing a multitude of challenges during the finale event, Raimondo ended P2 in the overall points and will now turn his focus to 2013.

Starting out with the first qualifying session, Raimondo's weekend of bad luck would become apparent right from the start. Blocked during a potential pole position lap by another championship contender and one second shy of starting another qualifying lap before the checkered flag came out, Raimondo would find himself behind the eight ball for race one. With two competitive guest drivers who had raced the Formula Renault Eurocup the weekend prior, Raimondo ended up a disappointing P4.

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Raimondo set to contest for 2012 European F3 Open Championship title

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - After a month-long hiatus from racing, Canadian formula car racer Gianmarco Raimondo already has started a whirlwind week in Spain. Completing a test with Racing Engineering on Tuesday in a potent GP2 machine, Raimondo will now switch gears and racecars as he battles for the European F3 Open Championship title during the season finale at the Circuit de Catalunya, located just north of Barcelona, Spain.

Tuesday of this week would see Raimondo try his hand in the GP2 machines, during a test with Racing Engineering. Compared to his regular F3 ride, Raimondo would immediately notice a difference during his first few laps, with the GP2 car having more power and better brakes and grip. A level up all together in performance, Raimondo's initial shock wore off as he became more accustomed to the GP2 experience.

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Racing Engineering announce Barcelona Line Up

Racing Engineering will be giving four drivers the opportunity to drive their cars on the 4.655 km Spanish circuit that is a traditional venue for out of season testing. On Tuesday the 30th of October the Brazilian André Negrão and Canadian Gianmarco Raimondo will be in the Spanish team's cars and on the following day, Wednesday the 31st, it will be the turn of Dutchman Nigel Melker and Argentinian Facundo Regalia.

Canadian Gianmarco Raimondo is 21 years old and first began to make his name in the 2009 Formula BMW Americas championship where he finished 3rd with one win and eight other podium finishes in the 12 race series. In 2010 Gianmarco moved up to the F3 Italian series finishing 16th at the end of the year. For 2011 the young Canadian progressed to the F3 Euroseries where he took a podium and finished 11th in the championship. His increasing experience in F3 cars saw Gianmarco win the 2012 European F3 Open in Spain taking no less than four wins, four pole positions, ten podiums and two fastest laps.

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Video: Antonio Caruccio Interviews Gianmarco Raimondo

12/10/13 - Interview: The championship leader, Raimondo, …with two races left

Canada's driver, making his debut in the European F3 Open this season, is leading the overall standing with two races remaining, scheduled in Barcelona next month

The Canadian driver Gianmarco Raimondo was one of the debutant drivers in the European F3 Open this year, and predictions did put him as a favorite for the title fight. However, he managed to improve the best predictions. Four wins and 240 points in the overall classification are good enough facts to be leader, ahead of his teammate at RP Motorsport Niccolò Schirò, his main rival from the halfway point.

There is a round left, how are you approaching the meeting in Barcelona?

I am treating the last round like all of my other races. Mentally, physically, and technically. I'm not really changing anything from my original routine before a race. I'm going into the weekend with 100% of motivation to win.

How was your season so far?

My season has been absolutely an excellent year. Not just for me, but for my team and my family. We've had some disappointments, however we are always able to bounce back even stronger than we were before.

Which moments were good and which bad ones?

Well the moments I cherish the most are when we win races, but also when the team makes a good effort and we've done our maximum to achieve our goals. With the bad moments, I don't like to focus too much on them and nor do I really remember them as there weren't very many. We just learn and take the most positive aspects from them to improve and move on.

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2012 - European F3 Open Championship Races 15 & 16
November 2-4, 2012 - Circuit de Catalunya - Spain

Qualifying 4th
Race 1 4th
Qualifying 3rd
Race 2 DNF